What It’s About

This blog isn’t about bashing the church. This blog isn’t about a disdain for religion. This blog isn’t really about “people in the church”. This blog isn’t some vindictive way for me to get back at the people that have wronged me over the years. It’s not. So don’t make it what it’s not. I’ll tell you what it’s about. This blog is about the 13 year old sitting online looking for someone that relates, the 18 year old deciding whether or not that it’s worth to continue on in the faith or become the stereotypical “preacher’s kid” (you know, the ones that when people find out your last name they say, “….but aren’t you a preacher’s kid?”, it’s for the 25 year old that is still lives under the stigma of being a “kid”- much less a “preacher’s kid”. This blog is for you: to laugh with, to cry with, to say “ah…been there”, to process out your thoughts, emotions, and faith. Most of my time as a preacher’s kid, I have felt exiled to this weird island of expectations and disappointment, of incredible faith in Jesus and unbelievable opposition from His followers. So it’s my story. It’s my journey. It’s part of my recovery and discovery of myself: shared with you. It’s not for your sympathy. It’s not for your judgment. It’s not for your attention. It’s for those people to come across this and their heart sighs a little because they know that they aren’t alone on the island.